A New Calligrapher in Town!

Two weeks ago,  I had the privilege of an interview with reporter Cliff Newell of the Lake Oswego Review, in my Oregon calligraphy studio. I am grateful for the thorough job he did, covering creative project highlights, a little history and some of my soulful thinking! A huge thank you to Sharlyn Stare, Ryan Thelen and Ronna Schneider for taking the time with Cliff to add their kind-hearted insights about my work.  Trusty photographer Vern Uyetake came, as well, and snapped an interesting array of photos in my studio. Below find the digital article and the paper article. Content is the same, but the photos in the articles are slightly different.

First the digital Article: (you can read the content here a little easier).

“An Artist With Grand Intentions”

Secondly, the real deal in the newspaper: July 7, 2016


SpeedBall Textbook 24th Edition, Celebrating 100 Years

It’s Easter, and I’m late with this news, but last November 2015, just after I moved from Ohio to Oregon, the Centennial Edition of the Speedball Textbook, A Comprehensive Guide to Pen & Brush Lettering, 24th Edition, finally hit the market! Yah! My father Cliff Mansley, Sr. and I are both honored and grateful to be included among so many accomplished and inspiring lettering artists. I snapped a photo of our pages below and offer you a brief description, plus links to purchase the book.

Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition in which Holly Monroe and Cliff Mansley are both featured.

Holly Monroe and Cliff Mansley, Sr. showing off the cover of the 2015 Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition in which they are both featured.

For a little $15. book the Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition packs a big punch. Students of the written word can see a wide variety of lettering styles as well as fabulous finished examples from contemporary calligraphers of today. The added bonus in this edition, edited by Angela Vandalis and Randal Hasson, is that it salutes lettering throughout the last 100 years.

Speedball Textbook 24th Ed, Cliff Mansley calligraphy of I Corinthians 13

Love bears all things from I Cor 13. Cliff Mansley’s calligraphy in the Speedball Textbook, 24th Ed.

In the front you’ll find a fold out page featuring the covers of 24 past editions of the Speedball Textbook. It moves on to Tools, Tips and Techniques, lettering styles through the ages (pointed pen, broad-edged, brush, hand drawn, etc.), commercial lettering and so much more. If you’re a lover of letters you’ll want a copy! Order from www.JohnNealBooks.com or www.PaperInkArts.com two small businesses that cater to the Lettering and Book Arts community.

Speedball Textbook 24th Ed with Cliff Mansley flourished title

Bottom right: Flourished title of a poem about Scout Leader’s Wives. Lettering/Flourishing by Cliff Mansley, Sr.

Speedball Textbook 24th Edition featuring Holly Monroe's flourishing instructions.

Holly Monroe’s mini-course in flourishing appearing in the Speedball Textbook, 24th Edition, 2015, page 55. For a more comprehensive weekend workshop, FANTASTIC FLOURISHES, contact Letters@HollyMonroe.com.

Ziller of Kansas City – (Sundays with Steve)

Say hello to my dear friend, Stephen A. Ziller, Sr. better known as Ziller of Kansas City. Steve now resides in Cincinnati, OH and I have the privilege of visiting with him on Sundays. He is well known in the calligraphy world for his formulation of Ziller Ink and for his five self instruction books “At Home with Artistic Penwork.” Business Writing, Artistic Writing, Card Writing, Engrossing Alphabets and Bird and Design Flourishing. These books are still being published! He is truly ‘the old Master Penman.”

Ziller of Kansas City

About 10 years ago, just after Steve and wife Della, moved to Cincinnati, Tom McKeirnan spotted my “Falling In Love” design on the back of a magazine. Tom has been a client of mine, Steve went to Tom’s church. Tom, knowing us both, introduced us over lunch and a visit to my studio. (Thanks Tom!)  Steve and I have been friends ever since.

Steve and I visit on Sunday’s in his retirement home….we speak about calligraphy, politics, the stock market (which he still follows), spiritual matters, aches and pains and his ever probing question…”how is your love life?”

I hope that I can grow old as gracefully as Steve has. His 98th birthday was celebrated in August. He has an ever present optimistic attitude and cheery disposition.  Thank you Steve, for your contribution to the world in so many ways…..through your beautiful lettering, striving for excellence in all that you have done, your gracious family and your kindheartedness to all around you. You are loved!