Resolution of Appreciation


Resolutions are a very personal way to honor someone who is important to an organization. Various schools and businesses will contact me (or other calligraphers) when someone is leaving their board or staff.  In May, I finished this Resolution of Appreciation for the University Of Virginia Law School. (The color in the artwork above is probably truer to the original than those below.)

 Thank you to Karen Ackhoff and her watercolor on vellum class, as well as Marie Angel’s book “Painting for Calligrapher’s”. Both helped with the technique for painting animal hair. I could have painted forever, refining and refining but chose to stop here for budget purposes. The fox head was only about 4″x6″ in size. I think it looks better and more delicate in it’s actual miniature size, rather than the blow up below.

Below is the entire resolution…….(colors appear a bit strong in this picture).

FoxResolutionFullBAnd before I leave you, this is the rough that I shared with client before going to final….colors are looking a bit garish here. Much more subtle in real life!


2 thoughts on “Resolution of Appreciation

  1. The resolution is beautiful Holly—your work is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing the rough draft version as well. I always appreciate seeing how another calligrapher works and what is presented to a client.
    I’ll check back for future posts! 🙂

    • Many Thanks Christy! It was a pleasure to see your fine website and work, as well! It’s great fun to meet everyone from around the country who is contributing to our niche field of work. BTW, next June 19, I hope to cruise from Seattle up to Alaska with folks from around the country. We plan to visit with a Seattle calligrapher or two before we leave. You are welcome to join us on the cruise or during our Seattle stop. Hoping that our paths cross. All the very best to you….

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