Fantastic Flourishes a Workshop

Flourishing adds elegance to a calligraphers repertoire, both with the broad edged pen and the pointed pen. It’s like dancing on paper. The Saint Louis Calligrapher’s Guild kindly invited me to lead them in their opening workshop as they created their beautiful flourished spirals of words. September 2013.


My example above, on genuine vellum and a page from my Book of Hours project, caught their eye. So we set out to not only flourished individual letters, words, and lines of words but also a spiral or circle. Their finished projects were delightful!

Leslie Barnes, Holly Monroe

Leslie Barnes, Holly Monroe

Below are class members Denise Gerstung, Joanne Kluba, Esther and ________

HollyMonroeWkshop Guild




HollyMonroeWkshop (64)Class3StLouisFlourishing

Special thanks to calligraphers Leslie Barnes (contact), Carol Savage (hostess), Susan ______(Friday night lecture & display hostess), Kathy Orf (advertising) and the entire group for making me feel comfortable and welcome. It was my pleasure to enjoy the weekend with them!

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