Fantastic Flourishes Workshop

June 4-5, 2022 – 10-5 EST – Instructor Holly Monroe – Online

My second Fantastic Flourishing (broad-edged pen) workshop is coming up. Some have asked, why in the world do calligraphers flourish? Well now, that’s a good question to ask. There is just something about beauty, something about decoration and detail that delights the eye. We are made to create and embellish and flourishes enhance the written word in such an exciting way. If there was merely plain print on a page….only gray in color….only straight lines….what would the world be? Depressing for sure. If you look closely at nature and the way things grow, you will see the flourishes…the tendrils on a grape vine or the curl of a fiddle head fern. They decorate our world where we learn from them and imitate the curves. I think those of us who dig deep into our souls to create works of art or calligraphic design acquire joy in the process and the satisfaction in the end result. So we add beautiful lines and curves to announce special words and accentuate meaningful phrases….to delight our friends and clients and to bring joy and beauty to the world. I invite you to join in the creative process.

Contact Karen Nordstrom Roberts, to sign up, pay and receive the supply list and handouts.

Read my previous blog to see a few additional examples and the pens that I use. Here are a few examples of flourished work with a broad-edged pen from my studio….many more to come!

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