Calligraphy Services Schedule

Holly Monroe offers a variety of custom services from her Lake Oswego (Portland) Oregon workshop. Her original calligraphy and artwork is completely executed by hand for publishers, businesses, universities, churches, and individuals.

Prices for Holly’s original art are established before the work begins.

Lettering Styles

A variety of lettering styles are available and styles can be emulated when samples are provided.

Creative Lettering & Design

Custom lettering unique to your project and tastes can be designed for framed lettering art, handmade (or published) books, greeting cards, invitations & announcements, logos, family trees, awards, mastheads, packages, and other custom work.

Layout & Design

Traditional calligraphic designs are usually centered or flush left and are enhanced with decorative letters or borders. For a more contemporary layout, letters can dance across the page with overlapping backgrounds and various lettering styles. Options for creative contemporary layouts are limitless. A rough of your layout prior to final approval is provided.


Any colors that you desire can be incorporated into the calligraphy. You may designate your colors according to a Pantone color chart, a mat board sampler, an electronic jpeg image, or by sending fabric or painted swatches.

Illustration / Borders / Logos

Custom illustration, your logo or decorative borders can be included in your final design. Logos: please include an illustrated drawing or TIFF file.

23K Gold Leaf, Shell Gold/Silver & Imitation

To accent exquisite calligraphic designs, you may choose to add 23K gold or silver leaf. The result is a brilliant metallic letter, word, or decoration with a raised appearance, which adds rich elegance to your final artwork. Gold/silver leaf is priced on a custom basis. Platinum, bronze and variegated leaf is also available.

23K gold powder is a more economical alternative to gold leaf. It is painted onto the surface of the vellum or paper and then burnished to give a heightened luster. Charges are based on amount of gold used in the design.

Imitation gold, silver or bronze is available for just the cost of the labor.


Standard paper options are white or eggshell acid free papers. Colored papers are also available. Prices range between $3-12.00 per sheet.

Handmade Papers

Beautiful handmade papers with embedded flecks, fabrics, strings, confetti, cornhusks, ferns and flowers or marbled effects are available. They run the color spectrum. Once you have chosen the colors you wish to have in your design, we can explore the paper options that might work for you. Most of the handmade papers have deckled edges on all four sides. Many are rectangular but some also come in the following shapes: circle, heart, elongated rectangle, square. Pricing on handmade papers varies. Prices typically range between $3-20.00 per sheet.

Vellum / Parchment

Genuine vellum or parchment (calfskin) is the ultimate surface for lasting durability and brilliant color. A whole skin usually costs $150-300. Smaller creations are charged for the portion of the skin used. Small off cuts can be purchased for about $10.00 each.

To Order Custom Calligraphy/Design

  1. Review components described on this page.
  2. Browse the many examples in Holly’s Portfolio and Catalog. Select something that is close to what you desire. If you don’t find an appropriate example, contact Holly for additional samples.
  3. with a description of your project.


We offer custom frames for any calligraphic design. Frames and mats are selected to match the art and your budget.

Rag mats and conservation glass are recommended for original work.

Digital photos of your options along with price quotes for approval can be sent.

Shipping Boxes
(for large designs)

A special Airfloat Box can be purchased to insure that your order arrives safely. Unframed calligraphy is shipped using a special flat shipping pad. Prices vary according to size.

For framed work, the boxes are priced according to box size: often $40-100+. Box can be reused; if you return the box empty, I will refund half of its price. Using these boxes is comparable to having a shipping company package it.

Smaller framed pieces can be packaged by weight, materials and time.